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SSFC: Cheese curds, etc.

Somehow, I spaced out Monday and my SSFC post. Let’s pretend it is Monday again. I spent that past week in Minnesota and Wisconsin and during that time I ate a tone of local foods. Several meals included my step-dad’s … Continue reading

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SSFC – watermelon and peppers (not together)

I am still picking and picking peppers. But I am also enjoying some other local things like watermelon. I picked up a watermelon from Miss Scarlett’s and we ate for several day. It was so colorful and juicy. My desk … Continue reading

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SSFC: revisiting mushrooms (and stuffed peppers)

I have been talking about Kitchen Pride Mushrooms for a while now. I learned about KPMF over a year ago and have been seeking them out at a local farmers market to buy them. They are grown about 75 miles … Continue reading

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SSFC: Pickle and Canning

The Southern SOLE Food Challenge theme this week is focused on pickling, canning and/or preserving. The gardens in my neck of the woods have been growing since March this year and many things were harvested a few months ago. I … Continue reading

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SSFC: Stuffed Peppers – #4

Another day, another pepper. I am happy to report that something is growing in the garden this spring. Peppers! So, that means another pepper post. Another meal with peppers. Peppers, peppers and more peppers! Recently I have posted about canning … Continue reading

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Not quite the stuffed peppers I had planned

There are a few short hours in the day when I will go outside to work. It is just too dang hot out there right now to be out in the heat of the day. Sunday the heat index was … Continue reading

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Peppers and Popcorn

Not your normal food combination, but it is a normal sight in the garden. I have been harvesting banana peppers and jalapeno peppers from my garden. In my neighbors garden I have been harvesting Anaheim peppers and green bell peppers. … Continue reading

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