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Kivuli: a nice place to take a nap

I admit that Kivuli makes the rules around here and we just try to go with the flow. In his wilder, younger years, there was just no way to change most of his behavior. We just tried to minimize the … Continue reading

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Hi everyone!

I realize that I am been somewhat absent here at the blog over the summer. Many of you know I have some ups and downs this summer, but overall I am doing pretty well. I can’t believe we are approaching … Continue reading

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A New-to-me Day bed

A few weeks ago I mentioned a project that I was working on…. a day bed. I think it is neat how things can just come together sometimes, even when you aren’t thinking about it. I have toyed with the … Continue reading

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What is it with our cats and electrical cords?

Cinder likes to hang out behind the bed and up against the wall. It is a safe place and out of the way of foot traffic. For some reason she likes to lay directly on top of the power strip. … Continue reading

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Sunday Photos: Brown

Brown is the color today over at Not Dabbling in Normal.  Head over there to see more fun and interesting ways of looking at brown. Here are a few more “browns” in my life: Making your own curry powder is … Continue reading

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