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Sunday Photos: Fresh onions

We have a few neighbors and friends that like to garden. One of them brought us some fresh onions the other day. They were beautiful. A wonderful treat. What treat are you enjoying from your garden or local farmer’s market? … Continue reading

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Sunday Photos: Quail eggs

Quail Eggs… so tiny…. so beautiful Quail egg omelet coming right up! Sincerely, Emily  

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Magnolia bloom

Enjoyed watching this happy bee collect pollen on the beautiful magnolia blooming in our backyard. So happy to see bees in the back yard. So happy to see his back legs covered in pollen. Sincerely, Emily

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Continuing with E…

Last week I struggled with finding photos for D. I could think of a lot of “D” things, just didn’t have photos of them… This week was a bit easier. Elder has been on my mind because I started working … Continue reading

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Family can mean many things. I have my mother and step-dad, and I have a brother and 2 nieces. I also have husband…. that leads to a father-in-law and many brother-in-laws and a sister-in-law. That also leads to many nieces … Continue reading

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Cat nap

This is about as exciting as it gets right now Sincerely, Emily P.S. sorry the photo is a little blurring. This is what I saw when I woke up and I was giggling as I took the photo. All our … Continue reading

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Just a click (of the camera)

Enjoy! Other “Just a click” posts: Just a click (of the camera) Just a click (of the camera) Sincerely, Emily

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Just a click (of the camera)

Enjoy! Other “just a clicks: Just a click (of the camera) Sincerely, Emily

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Just a click (of the camera)

Enjoy! Sincerely, Emily

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Photos full of memories

Over the past 7 years, my mom and I have been going through boxes and shelves, sorting and deciding what to do with all the “stuff.” Every time we came up any sort of photo or slide, we labelled the … Continue reading

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