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Cat Scratching Post Re-do

I am really tired of throwing away good money on cat scratching posts that don’t hold up very long. I have thought about re-covering the old, tattered, worn out ones for way too long….  I finally decided to do something … Continue reading

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Creative Break: Quick Bookmarks

It seems that my list of bookmarks on my computer just keeps getting longer and longer, and I just keep adding to it. The bookmarked things ranges for herb websites to blogs of all sorts, recipes and crafty things I … Continue reading

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Garage door insulation

I was talking to my God Father on the phone in June and he told me about this thermal insulation that he bought at Costco for his garage door. I asked a lot of questions and ended up checking the … Continue reading

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Fixing It: Tension Rods

I try very hard to fix or repair things around the house instead of just throwing them away and going out to buy a new one. We live in such a disposable society and I don’t think that is good. … Continue reading

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Reviving an old Salt and Pepper Shaker

I have vivid memories of the different sets of salt and pepper shakers that our family used when I was growing up. I have a few of them at our home and it is fun to use them, but there … Continue reading

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REAL Renovations:Making tomato (or pepper) cages/supports

When we moved to Texas I was thrilled because we had a big backyard and lot of space to put a garden in. Before I did anything out back I waited to see what was growing back there in the … Continue reading

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REAL Renovations: watergarden project

The three water gardens we put in a few years ago are doing really well. In the one that is lower to the ground, we have frogs and toads using it and singing happily on various nights. The little minnow-type … Continue reading

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Motivated to sew: It’s About Time!

My brothers youngest daughter and my mom are coming to visit in a few weeks. So, I need to make room for another bed on the main floor. I picked up a daybed from a friend (thank you Maria) and … Continue reading

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