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Blooming Right Now: Rosemary (Rosemary officinales)

Rosemary (Rosemary officinales) grows really well here. It can handle the full summer sun, and is deer resistant! It is also drought tolerant and does well in many types of soil. Head over to Not Dabbling in Normal to read … Continue reading

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Just busy I guess (and Rosemary Lemon Cookies)

Time is a funny thing. It stands still. It flies by. Yet when it is gone… it is gone. Head over to Not Dabbling in Normal to read about these wonderful cookies!! Sincerely, Emily

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Mushroom and Asparagus Pizza

Oh mushrooms, how I love you! I picked up some wonderful mushrooms last week. Once again, they were wonderful, thanks to Kitchen Pride Mushroom Farm, our local mushroom farm! I made up a tomato sauce that was filled with fresh … Continue reading

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Rosemary Lemon Cookies

I am starting to see posts around blog-land about lemons coming into season. Lemon is a favorite fruit and used in so many different ways for many people for so many reasons. Lemonade on a hot summer day. Lemon cakes. … Continue reading

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Favorite bread

In the beginning of January I made up a loaf of my favorite bread and took some photos. I just came across the photos and realized I should make another loaf. I don’t get very creative in making different bread. … Continue reading

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Making Mouthwash (and tooth powder): It’s about time

As we have been making the switch over to homemade, more healthy items in our home, I realize that that this doesn’t happen overnight. Little by little I am working on it and little by little things get replaced. Mouthwash … Continue reading

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Crunchy Croutons

I baked 3 loaves of bread last week with croutons in mind. We have been eating a lot of fresh greens from the garden. With the greens I add other veggies like cucumber and tomatoes, shredded or chucks of the … Continue reading

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