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What to do with green cherry tomatoes

Summer has been here for a while now in South Texas. Our heat index has been above 100F all week and the vegetable garden is sure showing signs of stress. Heck, I am showing signs of stress and I wilt … Continue reading

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First tomatoes of the season

On May 15th my neighbor called to tell me that he had one of my tomato plants planted in his garden and I needed to come pick some of them. This is the neighbor where I plant some peppers and … Continue reading

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SSFC: Tacos

The theme this week is to create an international meals. Ok, well, my international meal is very very lame, BUT it was delicious! We have not had tacos in a long long time and I have been wanting to make … Continue reading

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SSFC: Tomatoes

The theme this week is tomatoes ! The tomato plants around here, for the most part, have been pulled up or cut back in hopes of a second growth spurt and harvest. Many people have already planted their tomato seedlings … Continue reading

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Starting to harvest lovely veggies

It is an exciting time in the garden. Time to start to harvest things. Little by little, day by day I am able to pick a few things. The swiss chard is doing well. I have it planted on the … Continue reading

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Little Surprises

The above photo shows some little yellow pear tomatoes developing. I missed them completely on my first few looks. They are sneaky! There are several tomato plants that have tomatoes developing, but these young green pear tomatoes definitely blend and … Continue reading


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Time to start seeds

I started some seeds on January 17th and 18th. I was not here to see the tomatoes come up and there are still many that haven’t started to come up yet (eggplant! and red bell pepper!) This is what I … Continue reading

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What was on my plate yesterday

Yesterday was one of those days where I did a lot things, I can’t tell you what it all was, but I don’t feel like I got a lot done. One thing I needed to do was head to the … Continue reading

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