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SSFC: venison sausage and the last of the kraut

The days keep on passing by and we continue to eat a lot of local food. We grilled some more venison sausage that we got from a friend. It was enough to make two dinners for both of us and … Continue reading

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SSFC: Wild Rice thing

My meals are going to be on the easy side for a while. Wait, my meals are mostly on the easy side…. oh well. Like the green linguini I mentioned last week, almost everything I make right now has something … Continue reading

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SSFC: sausage, potato, zucchini

We have been on a venison sausage eating spree. My husband brought home an assort of flavors and we just can’t seem to stop eating them This week we grilled up the Polish venison sausage and I experimented with the … Continue reading

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SSFC: Sausage, sauerkraut and grilled zucchini

We are starting up our Winter Southern SOLE Food Challenge and will run through the end of April 2013. Annie Rie Unplugged did a great post a few days ago about our little challenge. Head over there and check it … Continue reading

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