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SSFC: Another quiche and more chard

Oh, Look! Another quiche! There’s a surprise! (can you read the sarcasm in that?) It is always best to use up what I have at home or in the garden before I go elsewhere and I am still sticking with … Continue reading

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SSFC: using things up and keeping it simple

I feel like I am repeating myself a lot lately. For the Southern SOLE Food Challenge I keep saying “I kept my meal simple” or something similar. The “new” simple is even more simple that the “simple” was a month … Continue reading

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SSFC: crock pot short ribs and more

Since I can’t go to the farmer’s markets or stores by myself, for the most part I am relying on my freezer and garden for meals. This is really helping me get through the loads of stuff squirreled packed away … Continue reading

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SSFC: Green Lingini

Winter is the prime time of year for greens in our garden. Lettuce! Spinach! Chard! Kale! It is growing well and I am loving every minute of it. Something green and leafy goes in to most of our meals. Lettuce … Continue reading

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Kale Chips: It’s about time

Joanna over at Zeb Bakes requested a post on making kale chips back in February when I made them (for the first time) during week 13 of the Dark Days Challenge when I made roasted fennel, butternut squash and onions … Continue reading

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Mediterranean Kale Salad

I had a wonderful Mediterranean Kale salad earlier this summer. It made me long for more kale in the garden. Our summers are just too hot for the kale to flourish out there, so I am looking forward to planting … Continue reading

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