Pressure Washering Queen

I was surprised with a pressure washer for my birthday earlier this year.  No, my husband isn’t in the dog house for buying it for my birthday, I actually asked for one! We have a few things that have really needed to be done around here – and they involved a pressure washer. It was much more cost effective to buy one than rent one each time we needed it.

I am just starting one of those projects. It is a pretty big project, but it really needs to be done.

This is a "before" photo

You can see in the lower left corner I have already started. Then I remembered I needed to get a “before” photo. You can also see one of the tanks we will use to collect water off the shop. But first things first.

  • Pressure wash
  • Paint shop and trim
  • put up gutters on front and back of shop
  • Build stand for water tanks
  • connect water tanks to gutters
  • DONE!

You can also see the fuselage frame for a Stearman bi-plane on the saw horses in front of the shop. Someday it will be a flyable airplane !!

I will work on more pressure washing today.

Sincerely, Emily

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