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What am I saving it for? From the 90’s

You may remember that I was cleaning out an armoire a few weeks ago. Well, I am still motivated (and having some fun) cleaning out a few more drawers. When I came cross this box I had to ask myself, … Continue reading

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SSFC: Scrambles

Keeping  things on the easy side for this weeks Southern SOLE Food Challenge. Shooting for easy and healthy at the same time. Pulling more peppers out of the freezer…. I don’t seem to even be making a dent in the … Continue reading

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Make Your Own: Dishwasher detergent

Over the past few months I have helped a some friends start making up liquid laundry soap. Now that they have seen how easy it is they are asking more questions about additional recipes. One that keeps coming is is … Continue reading

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The perfect grilled cheese sandwich…

… and then the phone rings. You hang up the phone and come back to get the sandwich and it looks like this. Dang it! It is now cold and I have to “encourage” it to go back into a … Continue reading

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I sent my husband to the library

Our library has a section where the books are for sale. The hardcover books are $2 and paperbacks $.50 – What a deal. This little area has saved us a lot of money. I was up at the library last … Continue reading

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SSFC: Wild Rice thing

My meals are going to be on the easy side for a while. Wait, my meals are mostly on the easy side…. oh well. Like the green linguini I mentioned last week, almost everything I make right now has something … Continue reading

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Herbal cheese spread

Lately I have been taking an appetizer to several different meetings. In the effort to make things easy on myself I just keep taking the same herbal cheese spread over and over. I don’t have to think about it, just … Continue reading

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Just a click (of the camera)

Enjoy! Other “just a clicks: Just a click (of the camera) Sincerely, Emily

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SSFC: Green Lingini

Winter is the prime time of year for greens in our garden. Lettuce! Spinach! Chard! Kale! It is growing well and I am loving every minute of it. Something green and leafy goes in to most of our meals. Lettuce … Continue reading

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My new love: Jar Sealers

I have had a FoodSaver vacuum sealer for the over 10 years. Since I have been buying meat from local farmers and ranchers, I have hardly touched the vacuum sealer in the past 4 years. I have seen the jar … Continue reading

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