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It’s About Time: Necklace #2 for Mom

Last week I admitted to taking a really long time to make some necklaces for my mom and you saw necklace #1 that I made for her using beads from my bead stash. It is time to show you necklace … Continue reading

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It’s About Time: New Necklace for Mom (part 1)

Last year my mom asked if I could make her a few necklaces to wear when they were down in Florida for the season. Her specific request was “something natural and organic.” When she was in town a few weeks … Continue reading

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Beaded Eggs

Back in the late 80’s I saved an article from the Minneapolis Star Tribune about ways to decorate eggs for Easter. One of the projects was beading eggs and it caught my attention. I have always been attracted to beads … Continue reading

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Beaded Necklace

It has been a long time since I beaded anything. Too long. I started this necklace a while ago (I am embarrassed to say almost one year ago) and it has sat on the coffee table unfinished all this time. … Continue reading

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Just getting started…..

Hello out there…. well, I am just getting started out here in blog-land. Check back in a few days and HOPEFULLY I will have written something worthy of posting. Until then, here are a few photos that will give you … Continue reading

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