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A new toy!

I have been fairly indecisive about what type of grain grinder I wanted to get. Do I get a manual hand-crank one? How about a Nutrimill? Then there is Vitamix. Well, I don’t like to jump in to a big … Continue reading

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Just plain busy…

I have just been plain busy lately with meetings, garden clubs, working in the back yard, preserving this and that, etc. etc. etc… I have been working on a few Christmas presents. (will post about it as we get closer … Continue reading

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SSFC: revisiting mushrooms (and stuffed peppers)

I have been talking about Kitchen Pride Mushrooms for a while now. I learned about KPMF over a year ago and have been seeking them out at a local farmers market to buy them. They are grown about 75 miles … Continue reading

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Need a pick-me-up? Read your SPAM!

No, I’m not talking about the Hormel tinned “meat” product made from what was formerly known as ham (Shoulder of Pork and Ham). No, I’m not talking about Society for the Publication of American Music, the Space Planning and Management, … Continue reading

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Cleaning my blinds

I must admit that I don’t clean my blinds as often as I should. recently, I noticed they really needed a good cleaning. A really good cleaning. We have some mini blinds that are plastic and we have some “wooden” … Continue reading

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This makes sense to me

Why would we want to wait and try to merge in with the traffic in the left lane? No really, why? When we have a perfectly good shoulder to use and keep traffic moving along… let’s use it. I love … Continue reading

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SSFC: Pickle and Canning

The Southern SOLE Food Challenge theme this week is focused on pickling, canning and/or preserving. The gardens in my neck of the woods have been growing since March this year and many things were harvested a few months ago. I … Continue reading

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