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Finally Used the KitchenAid Mixer- It’s About Time

I think I have admitted this before (just can’t remember which post) but I have had a KitchenAid mixer sitting in a box, unused, for several years. Ahhh, it’s been almost 8 years. All I needed was a little nudge. … Continue reading

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Dark Days Meal Week 9: Meatloaf with Mashed Turnips

I was looking for a bit of comfort food this week. Meatloaf quickly came to mind and I knew I had everything that I needed to make it and it would also fit the bill for the Dark Days Challenge … Continue reading

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What am I saving it for?

A long time ago I got over saving things for “special occasions.” I use the old linen dish towels and crocheted tablecloths from my Gram. I wear my Grandpa’s wedding ring in the summer when my hands swell up and … Continue reading

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Kivuli: the helper

Kivuli LOVES JD, so whenever he is home you will usually find Kivuli with him or very close by. Kivuli follows him around like a dog. In these colder winter months Kivuli really enjoys sitting in JD’s lap or next … Continue reading

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Dark Days Challenge recap for the South Region: Week 8

Another week has gone by for the Dark days Challenge and the meals that are being cooked up continue to impress me. The South Region is made of from participants from Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. These … Continue reading

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My Best Intentions…

I was knocked down by yet another cold this season. This is hard for me to wrap my brain around (especially in the cold-induced foggy state.) I have been healthy and cold free for about 2 years and this year … Continue reading

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Dark Days Meal Week 8: Pumpkin and Roasted Squash Soup

This week is Soup/One Pot Meal Theme Week for the Dark Days Challenge. I decided to go with a soup. I am still trying to make space in our upright freezer for that 1/2 pig I haven’t picked up yet, … Continue reading

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The Oil-Cleaning Method (OCM): It’s About Time

I am not talking about cleaning your natural wood furniture, I am talking about cleaning your face! Back in 2009 I read something about the Oil-Cleaning Method (OCM) and it has been on my list of things to try. Sometimes … Continue reading

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Visit to Boggy Creek Farm in Austin, TX

As part of the Dark Days Challenge I realized I needed to step out of my box (and the garden out in our backyard) and serious check out some of the local resources in my area. Two weeks ago I … Continue reading

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Dark Days Meal: Week 7 – Ribeye Steak and Salad

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I picked up a 1/8 portion of a cow from the rancher where I get our beef and pork. We have been eating a lot of beef and vegetarian meals lately, but for … Continue reading

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