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It’s About Time: New Necklace for Mom (part 1)

Last year my mom asked if I could make her a few necklaces to wear when they were down in Florida for the season. Her specific request was “something natural and organic.” When she was in town a few weeks … Continue reading

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SSFC: Egg Sandwich

In the far back corners of the refrigerator, I keep seeing something, and then forgetting about it again. It is time to pull it forward and actually use it! Refrigerator pickles that I made a long, long time ago… last … Continue reading

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Tiny cards

Last fall when my niece was visiting, we spent some time making cards. At the end of our visit there was a lot of paper scraps and supplies spread all over my work table upstairs. My niece picked up a … Continue reading

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Fresh broccoli

The broccoli plants look like they couldn’t possibly produce anything right now. Their leaves are all shriveled up and they just look plain terrible. Yet, I am still picking little broccoli shoots from them. I steam it just a few … Continue reading

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Cat nap

This is about as exciting as it gets right now Sincerely, Emily P.S. sorry the photo is a little blurring. This is what I saw when I woke up and I was giggling as I took the photo. All our … Continue reading

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SSFC: crock pot short ribs and more

Since I can’t go to the farmer’s markets or stores by myself, for the most part I am relying on my freezer and garden for meals. This is really helping me get through the loads of stuff squirreled packed away … Continue reading

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I’ve got spinach on my mind

My winter garden is doing alright this winter. It is missing a few things that did well last year, mainly turnips, but all in all I am happy with what is growing out there. Parsnips and salsify are the two … Continue reading

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Valentine’s cards 2013

I like to get my cards made ahead of time so I am not rushing around to try to come up with a design and get them in the mail. So, mid-January I was putting the finishing touches on my … Continue reading

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Dried thyme

As I was trying to get a lot done in mid-January, and one of the things on my list was drying more herbs. I picked a lot more thyme and sage and set them out to dry. The thyme dried … Continue reading

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SSFC: Sweet potato soup with kale and popcorn

Southern SOLE Food Challenge had another theme for this week. Valentine’s Day. As Valentine’s Day approaches, there are several isles at the grocery store focusing on sweets and other Valentine’s gifts, but my sweet treat is of a different nature. … Continue reading

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