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My name… Emily

I have a post over at Not Dabbling in Normal today about my name… Emily I really didn’t like my name when I was younger. I didn’t want to be different. I wished my name was Mary or Lisa or … Continue reading

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Dark Days Meal: Breakfast Theme

It is time for our last challenge within the Dark Days Challenge. Breakfast. It’s been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For me, breakfast is a very easy meal for me to cook with all … Continue reading

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Mr. Toad’s new swimming hole

You may remember some of Mr. Toad’s adventures last summer. His antics sure are memorable. I know Mr. Toad and family have a great home under the slab of our air conditioning condenser, but I have often wondered where the … Continue reading

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Blooming right now: Stemless Evening Primrose (oenothera triloba)

I had quite a time finding the name of this Evening Primrose. The wildflower book I use for my area has a very poor example and I think the foliage is misrepresented or I would have identified it sooner. I … Continue reading

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South Region recap over at NDIN today

Today you can read the recap for the South Region over at Not Dabbling in Normal Head over there to see what everyone cooked up Sincerely, Emily

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Dark Days Meal: Week 17- Burgers

I think this will be my worst documented meal yet for the Dark Days Challenge. I only got as far as taking a photo of the burgers as they cooked. The meal was good, just almost completely un-photographed! The burgers … Continue reading

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Kale Chips: It’s about time

Joanna over at Zeb Bakes requested a post on making kale chips back in February when I made them (for the first time) during week 13 of the Dark Days Challenge when I made roasted fennel, butternut squash and onions … Continue reading

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Blooming right now: Palmer’s Sedum (sedum palmeri)

Genus: Sedum Comman name: Palmer’s Sedum (sedum palmeri) The genus Sedum encompasses a diverse group of succulent plants, ranging from diminutive mats to 2-foot shrubby mounds. They are most often grown for their colorful, clean foliage and ease of culture. I … Continue reading

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Week 16: Recap for the South Region

I am still impressed with the amount of cooking and blogging going on in the South Region for the Dark Days Challenge. Here we are in week 16, with just 3 weeks left to go and they are still cooking … Continue reading

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Dark Days Week 16 – Sausage with Southern-type Peas

Still cooking for the Dark Days Challenge.  I decided to dig into the freezer and pull out some the Southern-type peas (zipper peas, cow peas, crowder peas) that I have from the garden last summer. Those peas grew really well … Continue reading

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