Another puzzle (2nd one)

I think I might have a problem.

I just can’t stop.


400 piece Family Puzzle by Cobble Hill. This puzzle has large, medium and small pieces. I wasn’t sure how the mix of pieces fit together and as I started putting it together the large pieces went together very quickly and they were all on the left side of the puzzle. The large pieces graded into the medium size pieces and then into the small pieces.

One of my neighbors brought this “Dinoland” puzzle over for me to work on. They have a 1000 piece puzzle on the dining room table right now. When I was dog-cat-bird sitting for them recently I spotted the puzzle. I had an instant thought to spend an hour each day and try to get the puzzle together before they returned, but then decided I shouldn’t do that. My neighbor laughed when I told her about my plan to finish their puzzle and she said I should have done it. DARN IT!  I hope to go over there one night soon and work on it with them. It has really interesting shaped pieces and I keep wondering if my brain to think that way to do a puzzle….don’t know.

I finished “Dinoland” in just a few sittings and I have already started another one. I need help! But I am having fun. This must be a good addition, right? I do need to pace myself. I know I need to set a timer and limit the amount of time I spend each day. I know all these things (pace myself, set a time limit), I just need to follow through and apply them.

I am going to go get the timer out right now and set it on the puzzle so I can’t miss it. HA!

Sincerely, Emily

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5 Responses to Another puzzle (2nd one)

  1. MAYBELLINE says:

    I can relate. It’s like eating peanuts. I stayed up until 2:30 last Sunday morning working on a jigsaw. Your puzzle would make me scream.

  2. Ha! I finally had to put a puzzle away, I just couldn’t get everything done. Your puzzle look challenging.


    • The puzzle pieces where such a different shapes compared to the first one I did. It was interesting. I definitely have to time myself or I would be there for hours. A practice in discipline I guess (or self-control maybe).

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