New Screen Door

New Screen Door

We bought this screen door many months ago. It was intended to go upstairs to the door that leads into the attic. However, that didn’t work out like I planned. To get into the attic you have to go up two steps. The door frame is sitting on the tread of the first step, so after you open the door you still have to go up one more step to get into the attic.

So the actual opening where the screen door would go is about 2″ shorter than the actually door. Yup – screen door won’t fit. We (meaning my husband) will have to build one.

The whole idea is to be able to open the attic door to let either cool or hot air out of the attic into the upstairs room from time to time without letting the cats get into the attic.

Until then, we had a nice screen door just laying around. It fit the doorway out into the screen porch.

Sincerely, Emily

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2 Responses to New Screen Door

  1. Jane says:

    It looks very good there. Interesting idea with the screen door to the attic. My attic is so filthy that I would never want that air moving around 😉

    • Our attic doesn’t seem dusty and it is so nice to get the hot air out of there into the work room I have upstairs. Or the cool air – which ever season or day it is. For now I just close off the door to go upstairs (after doing a cat check) and open the door, it works, just more time to check for cats than anything.

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