England: Mill Gardens

Somewhere I had read about Mill Gardens, I just can’t remember where. As we were exploring Warwick Castle we went to visit the engine rooms and we looked out from the castle and there was this beautiful garden area right below us. I got out the map of Warwick castle and it wasn’t on the map, it wasn’t part of the castle, but I could see where Mill Street Came down to that area and I remembered reading about Mill Garden.

Mill Street Garden is a small garden, but I found it to be very relaxing and peaceful place. It is a remarkable garden sitting on about a 1/2 acre of land. The entrance fee is only 1.50 pounds and worth every penny.

The garden is located right outside the castle walls and sits right where the main road came up to Warwick Castle. You can see the remains of the old bridge that went over the Avon River.

AS I stood in Mill Street Garden and looked up at Warwick Castle, I couldn’t help but think of all the people that had walked across that spot.

Sincerely, Emily

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5 Responses to England: Mill Gardens

  1. Liz Calafiore says:

    Gorgeous, like it better than Kew Gardens.

    • Hi Liz. I really really liked the Mill Gardens. I liked the flow and the surrounding views and it was such a beautiful setting. More realistic really in size with every inch used very well. Kew Gardens diffidently shows a huge variety of plants and climates, where Mill Garden is such a beautiful English garden on a realistic and doable scale.

  2. J. Searcy says:

    How lovely Emily! I can look at these photos forever!

  3. Ejaz Hussain says:

    its really beautiful scenes of the garden which i never seen before. its also reflects of the developed country technique. really well organized and managed

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