SSFC: just a small local snack

Back in June I had pretty much written off the hopes of harvesting many, if any, tomatoes this season.

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It has been another hot and dry spring and summer. Even with regular watering, the plants just don’t do too well. I pulled up all (well, almost all) the tomatoes plants before we left for England in the end of June. I left a lone cherry tomato plant.

It sure is dry

I have neglected this cherry tomato plant. I haven’t watered. I haven’t talked to it. Nothing.

Last week when my mom and niece were here, my mom came in with three tiny, it-see bit-see cherry tomatoes. One for each of us.

Yesterday I walked by the lone cherry tomato plant and the color caught my eye. Red, ripe cherry tomatoes. WOW! That was a nice surprise.

Maybe I should cut it back (I really should have done that over a month ago) and start watering it again and see what happens.

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Sincerely, Emily

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4 Responses to SSFC: just a small local snack

  1. Jane says:

    Maybe you should have left all the plants in. Who knows, you might have got a harvest yet. Or the deer might have 😉

  2. Nancy Davis says:

    Even a few taste so good! Hope you get more. Enjoy! Nancy

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