SSFC: Tomatoes

The theme this week is tomatoes !

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The tomato plants around here, for the most part, have been pulled up or cut back in hopes of a second growth spurt and harvest. Many people have already planted their tomato seedlings for a second harvest this fall. Me… I still have one cherry tomato plant that is 6′ tall that is very sad and spindly looking and I haven’t put much thought into planting any others. It is just too hot and too dry.

For the tomato theme for SSFC, I dug deep into the cupboards and freezer and pulled out roasted tomatoes and onions from last season. They looked and smelled divine!

Roasted tomatoes

I heated them up and added some pasta. Instant dinner.

Mr. Tomato says “Smile”

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Sincerely, Emily

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8 Responses to SSFC: Tomatoes

  1. annierie says:

    My post is going up later today. I may just link to some past posts,, but I have been freezing them like crazy. Our hot weather has messed up most of mine, too.

    Your goodies are making me happy I have a dozen jars and bags in the freezer already, so in the winter I can enjoy too.

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  3. Jes says:

    What a stink that the tomato plants have already fizzled! I’m just now getting a few ripe ones in off the vine. Hoping to have enough to can for winter, but we’ll see!

    • HI Jes, that is normal for us here. We can plant the end of March thru April (depending on temps and weather) and by now it is just too hot. Our second tomato crop is planted the end of July thru mid-Aug. It is just so dry and we started out so hot in March it wasn’t a good year for me. I hope you get a nice crop! Crossing my fingers for you.

  4. Nancy Davis says:

    Hi Emily! You always post about making such yummy things that I don’t know how to make! How about some lessons! lol Nancy

    • Hi Nancy. For this super simple supper & it was as close to fast food as one can get (although it takes a bit of time when you roast the tomatoes, but when you pull it out of freezer and heat it up it is fast.) Open jar of roasted tomatoes and onions and heat. Make pasta. Mix together. Eat. Now I am laughing out loud. To slow roast tomatoes and onions… Cut up your tomatoes, chop up onions. Drizzle with olive oil and toss a bit to coat them. You can do this in a bowl and then pour them out onto a backing dish (I use 9×13). Roast for 30-45 min around 400 – 450F. These I pulled out of the freezer. Once the batch has cooled, I pour it all (juices and all) into a freezer storage container. I don’t add anything else – that makes a simple and very flavorful sauce. You can store it in what ever container you want. Even plastic zip-bags. Hope that helps.

  5. Nancy Davis says:

    Thanks for telling me how! I am copying it off and want to try it! Nancy

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