It’s About Time: Necklace #2 for Mom

Last week I admitted to taking a really long time to make some necklaces for my mom and you saw necklace #1 that I made for her using beads from my bead stash.

It is time to show you necklace #2.

Mom's necklaces 2When were were upstairs going through my bead stash we talked about her wardrobe and what outfits or tops she had that she would like a necklace for and then looked at my beads to see what would work.

Then as I worked on the layout of the necklaces I talked to her about the finished length that she wanted to make sure it would hang right where she wanted it. What fun it was. I really enjoyed making these for my mom and know that she liked them and would wear them.

What are all the materials? Start at the end of the necklace that has the round end of the toggle clasp (left side of the photo).

  • Porcelain bead (tan)
  • Bone (round doughnut shape)
  • Porcelain Bead
  • Wooden beads (three together)
  • Bone (round doughnut shape)
  • Porcelain Bead
  • Bone (three together)
  • Bone & Porcelain combined (center focal bead)

Mom tried on both of the necklaces and they were great. She packed one away to take back to Florida with her and left the other one on. Eventually she wandered out back into the gardens to pick lettuce. When she came back in, she was excited to report that when she bent over the big bead in the center of Necklace #1 didn’t hang and hit in the teeth like some many necklace can. Well, that is a good thing.

So, whether she is bending over to work on something at the Naples Botanical Garden or just around the house, I feel good knowing the necklaces wouldn’t chip a tooth!

Sincerely, Emily

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6 Responses to It’s About Time: Necklace #2 for Mom

  1. Nancy Davis says:

    Another lovely necklace done for your Mom! How lucky she is to have you do that! Thanks for sharing! Nancy

  2. bumblelush says:

    This is so pretty. My eye keeps going to the crescent moon shaped bead. What a great gift!

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