My cat likes olives

Seriously ! He does ! He likes black olive and green olives ! He also like ham and limo’s (not together), but those are stories for another day.

Kivuli with green olive

I can’t remember how we discovered this little olive-liking tidbit.

Olive play

But it is always entertaining both for him and for us when ever there is an olive involved. I love olives, but it is worth the sacrifice to give one up to Kivuli to play with from time to time.

The olive isn't dead yet

He mainly rolls all over it. Bites it. Bats it around and around and around. Rests. Bites it some more. You never know what the olive is going to look like in the end. It is usually covered in puncture marks (teeth), but sometimes it ends up in half.

There are a few other things that are play toys in our house. Any throw rug is fair game for him (could be an ankle breaker for us, but we are used to it, so we look out for rug piles). He kills a few of the throw rugs daily leaving them in a pile.

Bathroom rug pile

This next photo is Kivuli’s rug. Yes, he has his own rug. It is not just any old rug. This one is wool and was made by Nanyuki Spinners and Weavers in the little town of Nanyuki, Kenya were we lived for a year. Kivuli is also from Kenya, so it is only fitting that his rug is from Kenya too.

Kivuli's rug in a pile

We have a few rugs that were made by Nanyuki Spinners and Weavers and a throw blanket. Kivuli’s rug has always been his favorite. No matter where we have put it in the house, he always gravitates to that one. The funny part is that we never had this rug out in our home in Kenya, so he never used it when we lived there. It think it is interesting that he likes that one best. I claim that he just KNOWS that it is from his part of the world.

Sincerely, Emily

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7 Responses to My cat likes olives

  1. So interesting that your cat loves that rug, is it the wool, the smell, hmm. Cats are funny and very entertaining, I have never offered an olive, but I think I will have to give it a try.


  2. Mary Ann says:

    It’s so funny how cats have their own little eccentricities. My cat’s favorite thing in the whole word is turkey. We give her her own little slice on Thanksgiving. The other day I was steaming some cauliflower for dinner and she was going around the room like she was looking for something. When I was spooning the cauliflower into the serving bowl for dinner she actually let out a little gasp which let me know she had found that thing she was looking for. I gave her tiny bits which she ate out of my hand and after 4 bits, she was done. She had a similar incident about 4 years ago with saltine crackers. She would only eat them on the foot of my bed. This went on for a few days and then she was done. Strange creatures!

    • Cauliflower !! that’s a good one. When we lived in Kenya, Kivuli did that with cooked swiss chard. He was sniffing around the kitchen and up on the counter & before I could get the chard on our plates he was in it. So he had swiss chard with his cat food for a long time. In fact he would eat the chard first! He also went completely wild over the smell of ham when he was young, so he does get some of that that when ever we have it.

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