Making Mustard

I think it is Col. Mustard in the Library with a Candlestick….  I couldn’t resist.

Earlier in June I read a post over at the Ethel Gloves blog about making your own stone ground mustard. Well! Mustard has been on my list of “things to make” for quite a while. You can pop over to the post over there for the recipe.

This is a simple photo-document of my process.

Starting with a combination of Yellow and Brown mustard seed- some ground, some whole seeds.

Combo – yellow & brown mustard seed

Adding in stout beer and honey. Stir to combine and then let sit for 30-minutes,

After 30 minutes – before adding vinegar

Time to add the vinegar.

Just added the vinegar

I love all the texture in there. Time to put in a jar and let it set for two weeks. I think I can wait that long. I must wait that long. I need to let the flavors combine and develop.

Head over to the Ethel Gloves Blog and check out the recipe. It is very versatile. You can use wine instead of stout beer. You can use different types of vinegar. You can add seasonings…turmeric, garlic, just go with what you like.  I went with the basics this first time and will go from there.

Here are a few places you can buy your mustard seeds in bulk. It is amazingly inexpensive.

Any mustard makers out there?

Sincerely, Emily

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13 Responses to Making Mustard

  1. banbamama says:

    Thanks Emily, I didn’t realize it was so easy! We use so much mustard in our kitchen, it would be great to make our own 🙂

  2. I’ve made mustard a few times before, and been a bit disapointed in the final result. I think that the yellow mustard seeds that I’ve obtained are really very bitter (different than the “pain” you normally feel from mustard). I think it must have been just a yucky source, and will very much like to try again with a different source of seed.

  3. Zonnah says:

    I have never made mustard but I think I will have to give it a try now 🙂

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  9. narf77 says:

    That link doesn’t work Emily, it takes you to one of your posts about caster oil beans…not a good thing to make mustard out of! 😉

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