Old garden sink gets some attention

You might remember the two garden sinks I bought this past summer. These once-loved sinks where just looking for the right home and I am so glad that I not only found one, but two. Like I said before, you just can’t have enough garden sinks, can you?! (Same goes for canning jars)

Building sink base

Like with most new building projects, there has to be an inspector involved.


We passed the inspection with flying cat tails and twitching whiskers.

new garden sink base

This old sink has a new lease on life. Now I just need to get it plumbed and put into place by the garden so I can use it.

Sincerely, Emily

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4 Responses to Old garden sink gets some attention

  1. Jane says:

    Looking really good! You will love it. I built a little wood slat extension on the side of mine that I use when working with pots or something that has dirt in it. Then the dirt falls through the slats. I only have the single sink version.

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