Kale Chips: It’s about time

Joanna over at Zeb Bakes requested a post on making kale chips back in February when I made them (for the first time) during week 13 of the Dark Days Challenge when I made roasted fennel, butternut squash and onions with kale chips.

I have heard about kale chips for a few years but had never made them. It’s about time! 

I have been growing kale for the past two winters and I have used it in many different ways, but never got around to making kale chips. Jackie over at Southern Fried Goodness made kale chips for part of one of her meals for the Dark Days Challenge and it reminded me that I need to make them this year.

I have read through a few recipes and they all tell you to cut out the thick vein/stem when making kale chips. I completely understand why – the stalk will not roast and cook at the same rate as the thinner leaf sections. well, I decided to go against all these recipes and I left the vein/stem in mine. It was still crunchy and now completely cooked, but I didn’t mind.

Here is how I did it!

Cut your kale into manageable pieces. I basically cut my leaf down the center up against one side of the vein. Then I cut them into squares. The size is up to you and your personal preference

Toss with olive oil to coat the leaves on both sides.

Lay the oil-coated kale out on a baking sheet. Try to spread it out for maximum exposure to the heat. Sprinkle with sea salt.

Roast at 350F for about 12 minutes (maybe a bit longer) pulling the pan out at around 6 minutes to turn the kale, again to maximize exposure and allow it all to get crispy and crunchy.

Serve and eat right away. If the kale sits for a while it tends to lose it crispy-ness. I had some left over and even though it wasn’t crispy the next day I used it to put my morning eggs on.

This bowl of kale chips never made it to the dinner table. I ate it with my fingers straight out of the bowl. YUM! I am going to need to plant more kale next year!

If you are interested in another kale recipe, here is a recipe I have posted is for Mediterranean Kale Salad.

Other ways to use kale: I tear it up or chop it up and add it to fresh salads. I also chop it up on the finer side and add it to pasta sauces or soups and stews. I also use it when I make pizza. I chop it up and put it right on top of the sauce before I add anything else. I think it would work great to roll something in and bake it… like a cabbage roll-type thing. I haven’t tried that yet.

How do you use kale?

Sincerely, Emily

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13 Responses to Kale Chips: It’s about time

  1. Joanna says:

    i could murder a bowl of your fine kale chips right now! thank you so much for posting this Emily, I will make them for us when I get back to base 🙂 In answer to your question – I make a version of Portuguese cabbage and potato soup with chorizo sausage with similar kale shredded very finely. Also stirfry it with a little onion, chilli or caraway seed as a side dish, yum!

    • Hi Joanna -your soup sounds great! And the stir-fry also. I am going to make sauerkraut today or tomorrow and I have been going back and forth about using caraway or just leaving it plain. I think the caraway seeds have won. I still have kale growing, although it is all starting to go to seed. I need to go pick some more before it is too late and try your stir fry using onions and caraway I think. YUM is right!

  2. Jane says:

    I love kale chips. Yours look very good. I just read a post on another blog where she made vanilla and chocolate kale chips. I was skeptical, but she claims she was too and they were both very good. I am not sure if I am that brave.

  3. annierie says:

    I love kale chips. Made them twice last year from the CSA. First time, nyeh. Second time, better. I need to perfect this recipe.

    They really are great.

    • Hi Annie, I did like them both times I have made them. What was different about them when you made them vs. other times you have had them. Can you pinpoint it? I can see adding different seasonings to them when you toss them to coast them with oil. That would certainly shake things up.

  4. chiotsrun says:

    I’ve never made these – but we have a local deli that serves them instead of other kinds of chips and they’re quite tasty. Bet these would be good on a sandwich.

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