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Quail Egg Omelet

On Sunday I posted a photo of the quail eggs that I brought home from a recent barter. They are so tiny and so beautiful. Each quail has its own distinct patter on the eggs that she lays – like … Continue reading

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Sunday Photos: Quail eggs

Quail Eggs… so tiny…. so beautiful Quail egg omelet coming right up! Sincerely, Emily  

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Goat Cheese – Thyme – Caramelized Onion Crostini Canape

I have been a member in a Culinary group for the past 2+ years and it has been a lot of fun. We get together once a month and have herb-themed culinary meetings. Our group has been full and there … Continue reading

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Swap and Barter without Money (September 2013)

I love going to the swap day. I am definitely addicted! It is so fun seeing the people that I am getting to know and now call my friends. I am really getting a kick out seeing the kids and … Continue reading

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Moroccan Carrot salad w/parsley and roasted lemon

I am part of a culinary group that meets once a month. Last year we all decided to go with an international theme and chose several regions to focus on each month. One of the months was a Mediterranean theme … Continue reading

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SSFC: mushrooms in a white sauce over potateos

Some of you may remember my post about “SOS” or Chipped Beef or my SSFC post back in June about Leeks and onion over potatoes. Well, here is another version and completely fits the bill for comfort food in my … Continue reading

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Bed of Green

The one thing I really missed in this summers garden is lettuce and spinach. They just don’t like the southern Texas heat….neither do I, but at least I can go back inside to an air conditioned house. Now that the … Continue reading

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I Made Buns! I Made Buns!

Yes, I am jumping up and down. I made Buns! I made Buns! I mentioned in a recent post about using Jim Lahey’s No-Knead bread recipe for bread and pizza dough, but I had be unsuccessful using it to make … Continue reading

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Herbs, and more Herbs

Last week was busy for me with meetings and get-togethers. I joined the San Antonio Herb Society this summer and I am starting to get involved in a few of the Significant Interest Groups that they have. Thursday evening was … Continue reading

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Our Daily Bread

Honestly, I don’t make bread every day. Sometimes I can go a week without making bread. I have been making Jim Lahey’s No-Knead bread for over 2 years now. We love it and I love how easy it is to … Continue reading

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